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    Bathroom Tiler for Renovations, Shower Tiling, and More

    Looking to upgrade your bathroom with some new tiles? If you want the job to be done so well that your new tiles blend seamlessly into the rest of your bathroom, you’ll need to hire an experienced tiler.

    We run a team of highly skilled bathroom tiling experts servicing the Sutherland Shire. We specialise in renovation tiling, including bathroom renovations. We also offer exceptional floor and wall, shower, and vanity splashback tiling. If you’re interested in full floor-to-ceiling tiling, our team also has extensive experience in its installation. 

    We can transform your bathroom from a space you no longer love into one you’ve always dreamed of having. You can choose virtually any shape, pattern, size and colour of tile for your new theme, giving your bathroom the makeover it needs.

    So, if you’re ready to modernise your outdated bathroom, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about what we can accomplish for you!

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    (02) 9158 6598

    Healthcote NSW house renovation tiler

    Don’t settle for a sloppy bathroom tiling job that looks awful and doesn’t last

    When it comes to bathroom tiling, you can hire just about anyone to do the job, but if you want quality workmanship, you need a professional with experience. Otherwise, you run the risk of a poorly completed job that falls apart quickly. 

    When you hire us for the job, you can bet on a smooth, beautifully completed tiling installation that lasts for years and years in tip-top shape. 

    All Kinds of Bathroom Tiling in the Sutherland Shire

    luxury tiled bathroom in Lilli Pilli NSW

    Bathroom Floor Tiling

    As a skilled bathroom floor tiler, we specialise in all types of tile. Once all the old tiles are removed, we’ll ensure the floor is properly prepared and waterproofed before laying your new tiles. No matter what your ideal match is for your project, we’ll expertly install it, paying close attention to all obstacles such as slope and size of the area to be tiled and installing your tiles to optimally fit both visually and functionally. Your new tiles will be seamlessly laid around every corner and fixture in your bathroom, ensuring a beautiful fit. After the last tile is laid, we’ll caulk all the corners and add the grout. We’ll finish the project by thoroughly cleaning and polishing your new tiles to bring out their beauty.

    minimalist tile bathroom in Cronulla

    Bathroom Wall Tiling

    Having the walls of your bathroom tiled is a great way to keep your walls waterproof whilst looking great with minimal maintenance if they are installed correctly. Unlike painted walls, you won’t need to repaint every few years to keep up the colour, especially in an area like a bathroom that is constantly exposed to moisture and humidity. In addition, it’s a great way to create a seamless look from your floor to your ceiling if you have complementary tiles on the floor. As with floor tiling, we’ll ensure every tile is laid perfectly, working adeptly around every corner and fixture. We’ll expertly apply the grout and caulk before we walk away, guaranteeing you long-lasting bathroom wall tiling.

    modern mosaic bathroom tiler Cronulla

    Shower Tilers

    The shower is possibly the wettest area in the home, which means it needs special attention when having shower tiling installed. If the area isn’t properly waterproofed, it leaves room for water to get behind the tile, and seep into the internal walls, causing severe damage to the walls and floor beneath. We ensure every step of waterproofing is completed according to all requirements before laying the first tile. When we’re done, you’ll have a beautifully tiled shower that’s built to last for years to come. We can also advise you on what type of tile is appropriate for the shower base, as you need it to be less slippery than your average wall tile to prevent injury. 

    modern monochrome tiled bathroom in Illawong NSW

    Vanity Splashback Tiling

    If you’re looking for the perfect centrepiece for your bathroom, consider special vanity splashback tiling. You can do many great things with this space with all the tile designs, patterns, sizes, and colours available. Our highly skilled tilers will precisely install your tiles around your sink, ensuring they line up perfectly for a seamless fit. If you’re having trouble choosing the perfect tiles for your vanity backsplash, let us know, and we’ll be happy to help you select the ideal option for your space; you could even match your vanity splashback tiles to your kitchen tiling

    Cronulla floor and wall tiling


    The bathroom is a unique room in the home because of all the water exposure it has. Without the proper waterproofing treatment, you could face extensive damage to your walls and flooring, especially around the shower. We offer bathroom waterproofing to ensure the longevity of your investment. Your tiles will not be laid until the surface is completely waterproofed and prepared to stand up to years of daily use. 

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    Skilled and Experienced Bathroom Tiler in the Sutherland Shire of NSW

    We’re the Sutherland Shire tilers you’ve been looking for, experts you can count on for high-quality work that lasts for years. No matter what type of tiles you want to be installed, we have you covered with exceptional skill and experience to match. You can count on us for all your bathroom tiling needs. 

    • Experienced renovation tiler: We have extensive experience in renovation tiling, offering all the services you need to complete your project with beautiful new tiles in every room they’re needed.
    • Good communication, friendly, approachable, and honest: We’re highly responsive to every customer, ensuring all their needs are taken care of. You’ll receive nothing but the most transparent communication when you work with us.
    • Durable results: We follow all the rules when it comes to laying tiles correctly to guarantee long-lasting results.
    • Residential and Commercial Tiling: Whether you need our services for your business or home, we have you covered.

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    4 Steps To Get Expertly Installed Bathroom Tiling


     If it’s time to upgrade your outdated bathroom, contact us via phone or through our online contact form.

    Free Quote

    We’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote for our high-quality bathroom tiling services.

    We Do The Work

    We’ll remove your old tiles, prepare the surface, and lay the new tiles. When we’re done, we thoroughly clean the entire area.

    Enjoy the Benefits

    After the project is finished, you’ll have a gorgeous new bathroom to enjoy.

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    Find out more about our bathroom tiling service in the Sutherland Shire

    Bathroom Renovation Tiling

    We specialise in bathroom renovations. When renovating, it’s a great time to install new tiles, whether for your shower, floor, walls, or vanity splashback. We’ll remove the old tiles, prepare the area, complete screeding and waterproofing where required, lay the new tiles, and add the grout. All our materials are of the highest quality, and our installations are completed with the utmost precision, ensuring you get stunning results that are built to last. 

    Bathroom Floor and Wall Tiling

    If you’re considering upgrading an outdated bathroom, there’s nothing like installing new bathroom floor and wall tiling to achieve the desired effects. We can install one or both, depending on what you have in mind for your space. Our installation will account for all obstacles, including corners and fixtures, to ensure you have a seamless fit that looks beautiful from every angle without compromising on the durability of the work and of your investment. 

    Shower Tiling

    When we complete a shower tiling project, we complete every step of the process very meticulously. Because this is the wet area of your bathroom, we have to thoroughly waterproof the surface before we can install the new tiles to prevent any damage to your walls or floor. We take our jobs very seriously and ensure this step is done perfectly on every shower tiling project we complete. Once it’s done, we’ll lay your new tiles with expert precision, creating a beautiful new look for your once-outdated bathroom.

    Bathroom Waterproofing

    It’s not optional to waterproof a bathroom during a tiling project. We follow all the NSW waterproofing requirements to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Because of our process, you’ll have bathroom tiles that last for years, including the ones installed in the shower. They’ll stand up to daily use and exposure to water without any problems. When it comes to your bathroom, we don’t cut corners–we’ll efficiently and meticulously waterproof the surface before a single new tile is laid.

    Vanity Splashback

    You can create a point of interest in your bathroom with the vanity splashback. It’s an optimal location for a beautiful design, pattern or colour that stands out from the rest of the room or perfectly compliments the rest of the tiles in the room. Much like the splashback in the kitchen, this can be the room’s centrepiece. We can precisely install the new backsplash tiles around your sink, mirror and wall tiles for a seamless fit, making it look like it was always there. 

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    "Very pleased with the tiling done in my bathroom and toilet areas, I'm amazed at what a big difference it makes to the overall feel of my house. I want to say a big thank you to your team, the boys did a great job. "

    M. Morrain

    "Highly recommend this tiling team, they rectified my attempt at DIY tiling of my splashback, the result it much better than what I even imagined."

    B. Palamara

    "5 stars for your team, the results are outstanding. Kitchen and bathroom tiles look high end, I'm sure it will increase the value of my property when it goes on the market."

    F. Stewart

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